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Welcome to Medieval Nubia!

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This is a site dedicated to the collaborative publication of scholarly resources for the study of medieval Nubia. It is a site that will grow as scholars from the international community use and contribute to it. A preliminary list of resources appears below. All articles on this site can be edited by multiple people at once, and their edits can automatically appear on the live website, available for the world to use. If you are interested in editing or adding to one of the available articles, or if you would like to contribute a new scholarly resource of your own, feel free to contact us, and we can give you the necessary editorial access. We welcome any and all ideas for growing this site and making it useful to the widest number of people.

Announcing: A new Dotawo monograph, The Old Nubian Texts from Attiri, with images of the Attiri texts available in high-resolution here.

Main Features: Medieval Nubia: A Source Book, an online, print-on-demand, customizable collection of sources in translation for the study of medieval Nubia, including an online version of Giovanni Vantini's Oriental Sources Concerning Nubia and our own Occidental Sources Concerning Nubia.

Recent Publications: Check out Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies in PDF and print-on-demand formats. We also recommend a translation of the Old Nubian Miracle of Saint Mina into English and Dongolawi Andaandi now available at Uitgeverij; the Database of Medieval Nubian Texts; Medieval Nubia: A Social and Economic History and Chronological Systems of Christian Nubia.

Articles: Check out a list of this site's main articles, as well indices to other major resources and sites in the field of medieval Nubia.