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Articles on Nubian Texts and Languages: A Guide to the Texts of Medieval Nubia and Old Nubian Literary Texts.

Articles by Guest Contributor William Y. Adams:

Archaeology - Ceramic art - Chronology - Churches and church architecture - Economy - Geography and geology - History - Languages - Mortuary practices - Nomenclature - Religion - Religious art - Textile art - Towns, villages and houses

Work in Progress: The Corpus of Wall Paintings from Christian Nubia - The Inscriptions of the Church of Sonqi Tino.

Indices and Related Resources:

A new project on Nubian monasteries. - Short articles on the Nubian kingdoms and major Nubian Sites. - An index of texts from medieval Nubia discussed on this site. - External links related to Nubian studies, including collected scholarly articles. - An online collection of maps of Nubia. - A blog about the Medieval Sai Project.