Occidental Sources Concerning Nubia

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These "Occidental Sources Concerning Nubia" are to accompany and support the compilation of Oriental Sources Concerning Nubia by Giovanni Vantini already available in this source book.

These sources are gathered from authors across Europe writing in languages including, but not exclusive to; Latin, Old French, Italian and Greek.

Comments and recommendations of sources to the administrators of the website are most welcome.

Chanson de Roland (c. 1090)

Chronicle of Ernoul (c. late 12th century)

Theoderic (c. late 12th century)

Robert de Clari (c. 1216)

Burchard of Mount Sion (c. late 13th century)

Matthew of Paris (c. 1250)

Marino Sanudo Torsello (c. 1300-21)

Anonymous Account of the Holy Land (c. 1350)

Orlando Innamorato (1482)

Orlando Furioso (1532)