Unpublished Literary Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim

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A number of fragments of literary Old Nubian survive from Qasr Ibrim still unpublished, but most of them are too fragmentary to yield any continuous sense. These three are among the most promising of the batch:

P.QI Photo Sheet 76V14, frames 18 and 19; 11 line recto and verso bilingual literary fragment; text is chiefly Greek with some Old Nubian; complete on sides and bottom; missing slightly less than one quarter of extant text due to rip. Is it a Psalm?

P.QI inv. 78.1.24/53 = NI 46: Nearly 40 lines, complete at top, left and bottom; missing content at right and damaged in center. Old Nubian burial shroud.

P.QI inv. 78.2.26/24 = NI 55: Wooden tablet; fragments of 21 lines of Old Nubian with Greek admixture; religious content.