Thronos Alexandrinos

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(675 - 703 A.D.)

A list of bishoprics depending on the Patriarch of Alexandria, with a map annexed, was brought to England by R. Pococke (London Brit. Mus., MS. Add. 5662). All place-names are written in both Coptic and Arabic.

Ed.: R. Pococke, Description of the East, London, 1743, vol. I, p. 279.

T.: MC (Pococke), III, 1, fol. 491v). C:1

Syēnē Aswān [List]<ref>On the map every bishopric is marked with the symbol of a domed church.</ref>

Philae Jazirat al-birba [List]<ref>Cf. note 1.</ref>

Nubia<ref>The word "Noubia" is written on the west bank of the Nile just opposite Ombo (Omboi).</ref> an-nūba [only on the map]

Tathis Tāfa [only on the map]

Kataractē Nilou ash-shalālāt<ref>No symbol is marked near this name.</ref> [only on the map]