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On the west bank of the Nile, 282 km upriver from Philae. A settlement of undetermined size, remarkable for the presence of no fewer than seven churches, including two side-by-side. Because no other remains were excavated, the reason for this concentration of churches is unexplained. Most of the churches were of Classic types, but one was almost certainly Late. The little cruciform Church of the Angels preserved a fairly complete program of mural paintings. Some excavation of the churches was done by Monneret de Villard in 1933, followed by extensive but not complete excavation by a mission from the University of Rome in 1964.

Sources: Monneret de Villard 1935, 144-66; Missione Archeologica in Egitto 1976; Deichmann and Grossmann 1988, 33-42.

(Contributed by William Y. Adams.)