Synaxarium Aethiopicum

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[pp. 443-444]


(14th century)

An Ethiopic version of Synaxarium Arabo-Jacobiticum, with local additions.

Ed. and French transl.: I. Guidi-S. Grébaut-G.Nollet, PO 1,5 (1905); 7,3 (1911); 9,4 (1912); 15,5 (1926); 26,1 (1946).

T.: PO Eth: 1

[p. 444] ["Patriarch Christodulos of Alexandria” [1046 - 1077 A.D.]]

The 14th day of Tahsās. During the days of this father a certain man by the name of Cyril (Qōrīl)<ref>cf. the same story with more details in Severus Ibn Al-Muqaffa: "Life of Cyril, the 67th Patriarch" [1077-1093 A.D.].</ref> went to the country of Ethiopia (Ityōpyā) and made himself a false metropolitan. He sent much money to the king of Egypt (Gebs) and said to him: - "Enjoin Patriarch Christodulos to send a delegation to enthrone me as metropolitan, while I stay in the country of Ethiopia. As for my part, I shall send you every year, a present of gold". The king of Egypt sent for Patriarch Christodulos and said to him: - "Send a delegation to the country of Ethiopia and enthrone Cyril as metropolitan". The Patriarch replied: - "It is forbidden to do so, but he must come here." The king said: - "Do as I have ordered you". The Patriarch replied: - "Your will be done".

The Patriarch left the king and was very sorry and bitter about this matter. He called the bishops and told them what the king had said to him. They were extremely sorrowful. This father, the Patriarch, prayed and entreated the Lord to free him from the crime of Cyril.

In those days, Cyril, the impostor, rose and took much gold, fled from the country of Ethiopia and went to the country of Dehlak. The king of Dehlak had him arrested, took all his money, put him in fetters and sent him to the king of Egypt. The king of Egypt kept him in prison for six months, then he had him beheaded. He died a shameful death. The Lord had listened to the prayer of this Father. (PO 15, pp. 767 - 769).