Suhrab (Ibn Serapion)

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[p. 116]


(before 945 A.D.)

Otherwise unknown Persian-Armenian writer from Baghdad.

K. 'ajā'ib al-aqālīm as-sab'a (The Book of the Marvels of the Seven Climates)

MS. London, Brit.Mus., Add. 23379

Ed.: H.v. Mzik, Bibliothek der arabischen Historiker und Geographen V, Leipzig 1930.

T.: MC 571-575v, espec.. 574v (Mzik); Ar. Igt., pp. 300 - 320 A:0

This river [Nile of Egypt] passes through the Blacks (as-sūdān), the Zaghāwa, the 'Alwa, the Fazzān and the Nūba, continuing its course toward Dunqula,; the town of the Nūba... at Long. 52° 20', Lat. 14° 5' in the First Climate... then it flows into the town of Malwa at Long. 51° 30’ Lat. 19° 20’. (v.Mzik V, p. 138).

There is another river which flows into the Nile, coming from a circular lake, the centre of which is on the equator and its diameter is about three degrees. This place is situated at Long. 62° 5'. This river enters the Nile near the town of the Nūba. From this river, a canal (khalīj) branches off at Long. 61° 30' and rejoins the Nile at Long. 58° 5', Lat. 16° 20', where it crosses the First Climate. (v. Mzik V, p.143).