Sonqi Tino

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On the west bank of the Nile 472 km upriver from Philae. A village of undetermined size, containing a church with well preserved wall paintings. Like the Abdallah Nirqi church and the Faras Cathedral, it had been abandoned and sanded up before the end of the Christian period, so that its decorations were spared the defacement visited on most Nubian church murals. Excavated by a mission from the University of Rome between 1967 and 1970. The murals were successfully conserved and are now in the Sudan National Museum in Khartoum.

Sources: Donadoni and Curto 1968; Donadoni 1970; Fanfoni 1979; Adams 2010, 340-345. No final report has appeared.

Contributed by William Y. Adams. For a study of the texts, see Laisney 2012.