Safi ad-Din al-Baghdadi

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[p. 493]


(d. 1338 A.D.)

Abū-l-Faḍā’il Ṣafī ad-dīn 'Abd al-Ḥaqq al-Baghdādī. Otherwise unknown author of a summary of Yaqūt’s Mu’jam al-buldān.

Marāṣid al-iṭṭilā' 'alā asmā' al-amkinat wa-l-biqā' (The Observatories on the Names of Regions and Countries)

Ed.: T.G.J. Juynboll, Lexicon geographicum, 6 vols., Leiden 1854.

T.: Juynboll A: 0

Nubia is a far-flung country, lying south of Egypt. [The Nubians] are Christians and have a hard life. Their country begins just beyond Aswān. They are imported and sold. The name of the town of the Nūba is Dongola (Dumqula), which is the royal residence on the bank of the Nile. The length of their territory is eighty days’ distance<ref>Yaqūt : "forty days".</ref> along the Nile. From Dumqula to Aswān, where Egypt begins, it requires forty days and from Aswān to Fusṭāṭ<ref>Yaqūt : "from Aswan to Lower Nubia".</ref> five. Their country is similar to Yemen. They have citrus fruits (utruj) of extraordinary size." (Juynboll III, pp. 335 - 336).