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SB.Nub is a developing project aimed at digitizing all texts in all languages from medieval Nubia. Its basis is the "Medieval Nubia" community in the Papyrological Editor found online at and will accompany the Database of Medieval Nubian Texts already online. Interested parties are invited to create a Papyrological Editor account and contact either Grzegorz Ochała or Giovanni Ruffini for access to the Medieval Nubia community on that site. Once membership to that community has been granted, new users may follow the instructions below for editing texts. Consult the DBMNT To-Do List to see which texts have been assigned and which still need editing.

User Instructions

1. Use the "Advanced Create" option to begin a new text.

2. Edit the "Leiden+" information under the "text" option to enter the text itself. For help with Leiden+, use the site's "help" button on the top right.

3. Edit the "HGV" information under the "HGV" option to enter text metadata, particularly the text's publication number and provenance.

4. When the text is ready for editorial review, write a brief note describing the text in the "Submit" box. Use the drop-down menu to select the "SB.Nub" community and click "submit." Please do not submit medieval Nubian texts to any other communities.

5. Record the publication number and SoSOL number of your new text in the running checklist of texts online.

6. At this point your submission will undergo editorial review and come back to you if any more work is necessary.

Admin Instructions

1. Look at the "boards" to see which texts are currently available for review.

2. Remember that a single text may appear on three different boards: for its text, its metadata, and its translation. It needs to be voted upon in every single board on which it appears.

3. Once a text is approved via voting, it needs to be finalized.

4. Once a text is finalized, it needs to be committed.

Contributing Editors

Mary Brown (Fairfield University)

Grzegorz Ochała (University of Warsaw)

Giovanni Ruffini (Fairfield University)