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Translation quoted from G. Ruffini, The Bishop, The Eparch and The King: Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim IV (P.QI 4) [= JJP Supplements], Warsaw 2014 with permission from the editors of the JJP.

Merkourios... everyone in assembly... giving (?) the [unknown direct object] of his assembly… and your friend having loosened it, you omit it... giving... You ordain[ed?] the highness and power of the domestikos… Ruling, give both good and evil. After they proclaimed to Datti, rising… he was making the [lost direct object] which you did not take. Take it up... to the cloud (?) [more than one line lost/untranslated]. I will take the [lost direct object] to Okotol Dad. Place [a lost object] in Pentidtou’s bosom (?)... A gift... not dirhem and dinar… [verb]-ing to Anni... giving the key of the ngart… Both Datti and Isousinkouda and my man Teitou… let them take it up. For if God comes and leads me, I will send the man through Ngoma... [Half a line lost/untranslated]. Kill them, causing them to die... It is not the case that I cast them aside. They bind together (?) the places. Kill them, having the word.