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Translation quoted from G. Ruffini, The Bishop, The Eparch and The King: Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim IV (P.QI 4) [= JJP Supplements], Warsaw 2014 with permission from the editors of the JJP.

Masê, eparch of Nobadia and domestikos of Pachoras and eikshil to Tenyrei, the Great Eparch and ngesh ngaju.

I greet you. I inform you: not remaining at Ngijow, going to Ibrim, you rule with Elongngal. He has 5. Take care of the house property with him. Taking care of it, may you take out Osi’s grain with him. Behold, they having denied it, take care of it. And truly, if the slave’s (master?) is hungry (?), may he himself, opening, enter the threshing-room floor (?) of the holdings in the administrative district of the Church of the Apostle. After he has satisfied himself, take it out at face-value (?). I greet Eisakê.