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Firstly: Tapara's: 1 (piece of) gold, 20 dirhems, wine.

Darme's (who is from Gettin Gappitti): 6 (pieces of) gold.

Titta's: 3 (pieces of) gold.

Papasi's and Isou-Aggikouda's: 36 dirhems.

Temsi's and Titta's: 31 and a half dirhems.

Mashshouda's: 2 (pieces of) gold, 7 dirhems, a morena of wine.

Ornourta's: 11 and a half.

Songoja's and Eirota's: 31 and a half.

And Titta's (the daughter of Ngaei): 37 and a half.

And Darme's: 1 (piece of) gold.

Ngilesa's: 35, wine.

Einyitta's: 23, in garlic (?).

And Ngilesa's: 12.