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Iesou, the Priest, to Eiongoka. I greet (you). God is good to you. He has (or: you have) it. What harm did I do? Take Papon-Penti and come out to (see) the asousi. I am remaining because of the judgment against the man. And as for you, why, in your reluctance to disparage me, do you not take the land of Ouggiri (?), and (why) do you not take the 3 garments? Now (?) send the pole (?) to the King, and the field greens that I gathered. May be Lord bless you. In everything I am exposed. I call the King to my land. He is reluctant. The one whom I sent will intervene: he loves me. Until I come, I greet all my people, I greet Ajola, I greet the Fathers in the town. Darme sends greetings. And quickly send the firewood (?). It is very good (?)... 19.