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The witnesses of the fact that Apa Pan, selling us his share in Tamit, from the plot that lies north of Ibrim, received the gold, are:

Pongita, who gave the gold to his hand; Darme, Timakkis; Anil; Tapara, Priest; Eiskoei, his representative; Eionngoka.

The witnesses of the fact that in Tamit, Oeilan-Nga(l), Amse, Agara and Eisto bought the share, are:

Pauouta, Tot of Umo; his daughter, Arta (?); Perre; Penatti; Toskanya, his sister; the son of Dauoul, Sumeron; Darme, son of Ougga; Tapara, Meizoterus (?).

The witnesses of the fact that Agara and his mother bought the plot of Apa Pan are those mentioned in this document.