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As for Enomariame, daughter of Pella, who inherited her share in the palm grove (?), which comprises one palm tree in their land: her people bought it, and those who bought it are:

Titta, being from her children, whom they ...-ed; Kona-Awisil, being from her children, who ...-ed; Tourki, being from her children; Kapopi, daughter of Papsine(n), being from her children; Songoja, son of Dollisil, being from her children; Kitol, being from her children; Dussan, being from her children; Doulousta, being from her children, whom they ...-ed.

The witnesses: Ajjeje, Ngeshsh of Atwa, to whom they ...-ed; Einyitta, chief; Kasmi, Ngeshsh of Kourk(), Pooushshi, Chief; Iatrosa, Chief; Iereosi, Chief, Tot of Faras; Sutoumi, Chief; Dollitakil, Chief, Tot of Ibrim; Songoja-Chael, Ngeshshigaueikkol of Nga(l), Tapara, Chief; Zachari, Ngeshsh of Odjo; Darme, Ouataphil; Zachari, his son; Adama, Eparch.

Each and everyone who is in the town of Addo are witnesses; all the people of the town are witnesses.