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It is written in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; it is written when it is the 3rd of the month of Epiph, it being the 6th of the moon, King Basil, who has good hope, being King of Dotawo, Adama being Eparch of Nobadia and Domesticus of Faras, Papo Mena being Bishop of Ibrim:

I, Aggestotil, son of my father Pesi, sold to Mashshouda, Choiak-Eikshil, the land which consists of a garden plot, which came from that part of land that I inherited from my father -- the plot that has Ibrim lying on the south and has Ibrim lying on the north. And the price that I received from the hand of Marieio is 1 (piece of) gold and 1 half (?). And as for the plot, firstly, on the west is the land of the Michael-Church, in lupine, and there is the land of Abba Ngal; on the east is the land of the Michael-Church, and there is the land of the inhabitants of Faras, below the George-Church of Ibrim West, according to the great survey of Chael-Songoja. The purchase-agreement abides for us as long as we live, until our rest in the bosom (?) of Mary.

And the witnesses of this are, firstly: Mena, Bishop of Ibrim; Orinourta, Ouataphil; Tapara, Meizoterus (?); Epil, Chaerimataeil (?); Marieio; Eipa, Eisol; Marinkouda, Atparkit; Eriotatoungngilki, his daughter, suppliant in the Michael-Church. And I, Ajola, Deacon, wrote and witnessed.