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30 Dec. 1199

It is written in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, on the 4th of Tobi, on the 7th of the moon, it being year 915 (of the era) from the Martyrs, Basil being King of Dotawo, holding also the office of the Keeper of Granaries, Iesousi-kol being Queen Mother, Papasinen being Ngas, Teeita being Domesticus Elect (?), Adama being Eparch of Nobadia and Domesticus of Faras, Papo Mena being Bishop of Ibrim, Dollisil being Tricliniaris of the Eparch, Papanni holding the office of Scribe, Eiodisil being Great Priest and Scribe of the Eparch, Gabrielinkouda being Silentiary(?), Dollai being Ness of the Domesticus, Eionkouda being Ness, Istaurosa being Nessigaueikkol, Minnel being Vice-Eparch, Tapara being Meizoterus(?) of Ibrim, Loukasi being Gous of Tharmousi, Massouda being Domesticus of Tapha, Persel being Ngess of the Town, Asan being Sirin of the Town.

I, Nonnen, daughter of Mena, sell to Massouda Choiak-eiksil 1 plot --which consists of the 4th plot--at the 4 feet of the altar in the Stauros-Church of Mosmosi, a plot which I inherited from my father. And the price that I received from the hand of Darme, Timakkis, is 6 (pieces of) gold.

And the witnesses of this are, firstly: Papo Mena, Bishop, Enoeionnoka, Ponita, Her daughter, Persil, Loukasi, Eifiitta, Eionminne, Theodore, Anna, Iestoti, Tot of Tamit, Ajjajipadsil, Eionrioka, daughter of Chael-Sorioja. And I, Iodisi, Great Priest and Timakkis, ordered to write, wrote and witnessed.


As for the testimony of Ngonnen, the witnesses of the fact that Persi and her mother bought (the plot of)the Stauros-Church are:

Mena, Bishop of Ibrim, Tidawa, Choiak-eiksil, Teeita, Chief, Tot of Arminna, Taurosa, Souddin-flal, Isou, Asti of the Bishop, Dollaei.

We sold it ... to Masai, and the witnesses of the one who purchased the plot of the Stauros-Church this(?) year are those mentioned in this document.