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It is written in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit;

it is written on the 2nd of Phanouthi, it being the 14th of the moon, King Basil being King of Dotawo, Mari being Queen Mother, Papasinen being Ngash, Douddil being Architriclinus, Papanne being Great Scribe, David being Epistolary Scribe, Tenyri being Oeconomus (?) , Under their care ... standing the Seven Districts, In Nobadia, Adama being Eparch and also Domesticus of Faras, Papo Mena being Bishop of Ibrim, Gabrielinkouda being Silentiary(?), The Eparch holding all authority over Nobadia, Iodisi being Great Priest, Zachari being Ness of Odjo, Perse(1) being Ngess of the Town.

I, Ermaeil, regarding the share of the Mary-Church of Ibrim, which consists of a share of land: after Papasinen, daughter of Magosi, sold it to me , sold it to Massouda Choaik-eiksi(l) and Pampigon his wife. And the price that received is 20 (pieces of) gold.

And the witnesses of this are, firstly: Adama, Eparch of Nobadia, Darme, Bishop of Kourte, Chael, Lord of the Horse(s), Ouseni, Chief, Iodisi, Great Priest, Massouda, son of Atindani, Sonoja, Timakkis of Faras, Iatrosa, Chief, Tot of Addo, Ionkouda, Ngess, Tapara, Meizoterus(?) of Ibrim, and Samson, his agent(?), Teri, Tot of Kodippe, Souddin-fial, Tot of Sai, Ngilisa, son of Daroua, Annisi, daughter of Ark(?).

I, Kapene, Scribe of Kaki West, wrote and witnessed.

And the witnesses of the fact that Ermaeil sold are: ilapre, son of Kesiami, Iereosi, Chief, Istotil, Douddil, Aura, Oilan-fta (1), Minne, Tot of Tamit, Dollitaki, Tot of Toshka, Chief, Doukasi, Gous of Tharmousi, who wrote and witnessed, Massouda, Choiak-eiksil, who weighed out the gold to Ennaeil; Tapara, Tot of Ibrim? and Ionoga, daughter of Chael-SoAoja, Posi, Chief, Zachari, Ngess of Odjo: they are witnesses.