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It is written in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it being year 903 (of the era) from the Martyrs, it being the 6th of the month of Mesore, it being the first of the moon, King George, who has good hope, being King of Dotawo, Ioel, his brother, being Keeper of Granaries, Mari Iesousi-kol being Queen Mother, Douddil being Architriclinus, Astigelli being Tricliniaris of Douksi, Papannil being Scribe, David being Epistolary Scribe, Koussan being Oeconomus(?), Kosma being iless of Atwa, under their care ... standing the Seven Districts, In Nobadia, Gabrielinkouda being Eparch, Papo Mena being Bishop of Ibrim, Ramil being Tricliniaris, Ionkouda being Ngeshsh of Nobadia, Kajirinal being Ngeshsh of the Domesticus, Gabrielinkouda holding all authority over Nobadia, Adama the Eparch establishing him in the Church of the Holy Trinity in the Town of Ibrim.

I, Mena, released the servant Gaweson(?) to Papsil(?), my father being my witness. The charge that I paid on the 7th of Pachon is 1 loaf of bread. Whoever will deny this, together with my statement, utters a denial against the Holy Trinity.

I, Darme, Timakkis, wrote and witnessed. I,Ornourta, Fire-Sacrificer(?), witnessed. I, Darme, Tricliniaris of the Bishop and Great Priest, witnessed. I, Iesousinkouda, Archdeacon and Liturgist, witnessed. I, Kapene, daughter of the Priest Makari—Papo Mena the Bishop having ordered me—wrote and witnessed.