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(i) It is written in the power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, on the 10th of the month of Phaloumouthi, it being the 8th of the moon, King George, who has good hope, being King of Dotawo, Mari being Queen Mother, Simamon being Tricliniaris, Tot of Ngissin-Ngal and Tricliniaris of Douksi, Papanni being Domesticus Elect (?) and Great Eparch . .., Douddil being Potentiary(?) of Ngokko(l), Apa being Potentiary(?) of Sikolti, Mariankouda being Meizoterus(?) of Adauou, And in Nobadia, Papo Thoma, who has ready memory, being Bishop of Ibrim, Adama being Eparch of Nobadia, Sirephi being Domesticus of Faras, Sikami being fless, Darme being Ness of the Domesticus, Dadsoul being Silentiary (?).

I, Mouna, of Lower Ibrim, son of Mashalko(l), and Manyi, sell to Iongoka and Mena the land which is the best amongst my shares (?) , which is from the very land that came from my mother Masankissi, which is the best in all that is mine amongst what is mine. Άnd the price that I received from the hand of Soueti, Meizoterus(?) of the village, is 12 (pieces of) gold. What they ate and drank within the writing office (?) is: 29 loaves, 4 anati, 1 jar of gide, 4 bushels of grain, which we gave to him, 1 anapiti, 4 loaves, 1 palal of gide, for the letter writer 2 anapiti, 10 loaves, 1 palal of gide. The witnesses of this are, firstly: Papasa, of the Saint Mena-Church, son of Douriko(l), Chief, is witness. Soueti, Meizoterus(?) of Ibrim, Kola, nephew of Oua, Kon-Mourtisil, Priest, Sonoja, David, his representative, son of Ouattal, Orosel, his uncle, who ...-ed, Nissikitol, Iola, his daughter, Iokaja, his daughter, Iokaja, Asti of Motiko(l), Iominne, daughter of Ouatta(l), Sipopi, his daughter.

I, Papon, Priest, Chief of the King and Tot of Ibrim and Kisdauoul, wrote and witnessed.

(ii) It is written in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I, Ponita, my daughter Persi, and ftonnen, daughter of Mena, have sold and ceded to Massouda, Choiak-eiklil, that which is from the land which Masankisse, Mena, PoAita and Eionnoka bought. And the price that we received from the hand of Sofioja-Piki his daughter, Soundin-Nal, and Ourtikassi, Tot of Sai, is 12 (pieces of) gold. And receiving this (sum), we gave our certified document. And the witnesses of this are, firstly: Papo Mena, Bishop of Ibrim, Darme, Priest, Ouataphil, Ornourta, Priest, Darme, Timakkis, Ajola, Deacon, Iesousinkouda, Priest, Parin-Ogja, Deacon, Tidaua, Milinkouda, Touskonkouda, Eiteeisil, Aginel, Marana, Arapil, Titta, Koname, Tapara, Marieio, his son, Einitta, David, Priest, Pentadourin, Priest, Einitta, who has the Jesus-Church of the Mountain, Eionnoka, his son, Douriketil, his daughter, The 2nd daughter of Chael-Sonoja, Petri, Aggeloskol, Eionminne, Raei, Theodore.

And the people of the town who have heard are witnesses. I, Iodisi, Great Priest, wrote and witnessed.