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With God;

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen, King George being King of Dotawo, Mari being Queen Mother, Symamon being Keeper of Granaries, Douddil being Tricliniaris of No, Astigelli being Tricliniaris of Douksi, David being Great Scribe, and David being Epistolary Scribe, David being Oeconomus(?), And in Nobadia, Gabrielinkouda, Eiksil of Douksi, being Eparch of Nobadia, Domesticus of Faras and Silentiary(?), and in Nobadia all authority being attached to him, Minnel being Gous of Arminna.

I, Sirepi, having a plot of land that is in Koupanni and(?) Amikke East, have sold a share to Nasri. On the south the boundary is the land of Pasi, and on the north the boundary is that of Koussan. And the price that I received is 6 (pieces of) gold. And the witnesses of this are, firstly: Dollitakil, Chief, Enotannil, his son, Miria, his son, Asenoenotannil, his daughter, Perisa, Oupeti, Tidoni, Songoja, Ypa, Petri, Choiak-eiksil.

I, David, being of Mosmosi, in the retinue of the Priest of King George, wrote and witnessed. And what they ate and drank is: 4 merrina of wine, 3 touskil, 100 loaves, 4 bushels of onion, 4 dourini, 1 bowl of gyde.