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It is written in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, King Moses, Koudil, being King of Dotawo, Mari being Queen Mother, Douddil being Architriclinus, Songoja, Tot of Ngissin-Ngal, being Tricliniaris of Douksi, Masi, Eiksil, being Potentiary(?) of Nopko(l) and Sikko(l)ti, And in Nobadia, Papo Thoma, who has ready memory, being Bishop of Ibrim, Adama being Eiksil and Eparch of Nobadia, Darme, son of Michaelin-Asi, being Ness of the Domesticus, Eiondissil being Ngeshsh of Nobadia.

I, Tiri, and my son Eno have written this: We release Eigali —the nation having approached [as witness?]—from the purchase made in God's name and amounting to 16 (pieces of) gold. And he himself, not liking it and getting rid of it at a 50% loss, gave it back to us, without denial.

And the witnesses of this are, firstly: Soueti, Meizoterus(?), Mogodikona, Papasa, Priest, Tot of Adindan, Massouda, son of Anyen; and Papi, Tot of Nga(l), Our father-in-law(?) Tarouel, Philos (?) , his son, In the territory of Faras(?), Mario, Nesl of Mame-Eistipi, Eiarisil; Papon-Ouata, his wife, Papasinen; Titta, daughter of Naei, living with her mother, —without denial they wrote.

I, Ajola, Deacon, wrote and witnessed on behalf of Adama. And whoever will deny this utters a denial against God. Let him be cursed and not blessed.