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Masi, eparch of Nobadia, domesticus of Pachoras and eikshi, to Elonnga(l). I greet your lordship, blessed by King and God. From the property that they receive, without my knowledge they send nothing. God is good to you. And if Kouda comes and takes it, if I am speechless (?), let him rejoice, as he goes on the wide river. As for the ship, he didn’t call it to leave, did he? And the ship captain himself said that we received the property, and that the deputy of the songoj delivered the 5 letters to me. And in none of the matters of the ship is the captain involved without my perceiving. And he will take them with them (or: him) onto my ship. Don’t you cease harvesting (?). Send me seed for millet (?). Yet I also sent this without a water-wheel. Look for a water-wheel and bring it. As for your standing (?) crop, I have nothing bad done to it. May God make your years numerous. You alone will see when you come whether I am good or bad. And as I keep what I receive, let me not sit idle (?) over your affairs. You have put me in charge of your mares. And my daughter Miskine is coming. In truth, pay homage to Isaac. I greet Ngodann() son of Tilleura. I greet Isaac. And why did I answer, saying that you should bring seed for 20 days? Send it quickly!