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Gabrielkouda, eparch of Nobadia, to Tapara, thel() of Kaktine. I greet (you). What about (?) the 56 (artabs) of millet? Give 10 artabs to Loukasi, yourself take 5 artabs, give 1 artab to Atareti. Get and send (?) all the grain to Tapara. And take this (amount) out through the measure that you have on deposit, and be glad that you have 40 artabs. If you come to the shoemaker (?) Kroda, do not at all do anything bad, and don’t let anything be taken. And truly, if it is as we hear, after you have entered the inlet (?) and have entered Tamit, woman, come and winnow, and scatter (the chaff) and keep (the grain). And one who comes for the sake of what is (?) mine... not...