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In the name of the Lord! This is the testimony to Iosephi, the Great Scribe in Kush (?), which Kosma gave, and which his daughter Marime spoke:

First, writing a letter to Megali, who is (?) songoj, having given it to the horn-dealers (?), I wrote, in the presence (?) of Chael, saying that he should give us the price. And Megali sent a letter, saying that they hastened in a boat, with orders to receive the horn-dealers (?). And I sold it to Israel at the appropriate (?) time. And Israel -- while I sat in another garb of mourning (?) -- had it taken away. And after he deposited it in the village, sitting for 2 months, he eats dates, gulping them down. And I wrote a letter to him, saying: "And after the horn-dealers (?) -- as you ...-ed -- deposited it through the deputy of the songoj, where were you up to the time when it was received?" And after they themselves informed me, I went onto the boat in which they came to see. Israel, putting me in the boat, went to the Ngonnen, ...-ing himself, and after he himself went, reaching the 9th village in the 5th day, he caused much to be done. After he recrossed (?) the water, I wrote him a letter, and coming in shame (?) I did not receive the price.

Iosephi, the Great Scribe, is witness. Petro is witness. Metolkyt() is witness. Staurosout() is witness. Annatounngal is witness. Tokinnawe is witness. Kosma is witness. All are witnesses (?).