Ibn al-Ji'ani

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[p. 445]


(14th century)

Unknown author.

At-tuhfat as-sunniyya bi-asmā' al-bilād al-miṣriyya (Cadastre of Egypt).

Ed.: B. Moritz (Arab.; without date).

T.: Moritz A: 0

The following passage incidentally mentions the cadastral situation of the part of Nubia subject to Egypt about the year 1310 A.D., under al-Malik an-Nāṣir Ibn Qalāwūn.

"The Nūba country. Its [agricultural] area is 1930 feddans, the revenue of which is used to feed the soldiers; 160 feddans, the revenue of which is estimated at about 6413 dinars, belong to the nomad Arabs (al-‘Urbān) and to the Waqf, [also] for the supply of the army."