Ibn Zulaq

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(before 997 A.D.)

Abū Muḥ. al-Ḥasan b. Ibrāhīm ibn Zūlāq al-Laythī. An unknown author who wrote a pamphlet - "Faḍā'il Miṣr" - closely following a book of the same title by 'Umar al-Kindī.

MS: Paris, Bibl.Nat. MS ar. 1818.

T.: MC 685 r A:1

Miṣr is a centre of export (furḍa; lit: bay, sea-port) towards all parts of the world. ... From Upper Egypt export trade is directed towards the countries of the Maghrib, Nubia, the Buja, the Ḥabasha and even to Ḥejaz and Yemen. (MS 1818,fol. 20 r).

As regards the frontier fortresses ... [there is] the frontier-post (thaghr) of al-Hartī (? 'Aydhāb?) near the Ḥabasha, the Buja and the neighbouring regions; the frontier-post of Aswān facing the Nūba and that of al-Wāḥāt (the Oases) against the Berbers (barbar) and the Blacks (sūdān). (MS fol. 20 r-v; MC 685 r.).