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(11 November AD 1036)

Alpha, omega. Light of Life. (In the year) from the Martyrs 753. God of the spirits and of all flesh, You who have defeated death and trodden down Hades and given life to the world, rest the soul of Your servant Abba Marianou, orthodox bishop of Pakhoras and archimandrite of Pouko and envoy to Babylon (= Cairo) and having (the Church of) the Four Living Creatures of the Island of Teme, in the bosom of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, in a shining place, in a place of verdure, in a place of refreshment, whence pain and grief and lamentation have fled away. As the only good one and loving mankind, (forgive) every sin committed by him in word or in deed or in thought, (for) there is not a man who would live and would not sin. For only You, O God, are outside sin and Your justice (is justice) for ever, and Your word is truth. For You are the rest and the resurrection of Your servant Abba Marianou, orthodox bishop of Pakhoras, and to You (we sing) glory. The years he seated on the throne (were) 33, his days were 69 years, (he died) on Hathyr 15.