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(8 June AD 1132)

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Through the divine providence of God who is Lord, accomplished (his) life the blessed Abba Marianou, bishop of Phrim. He sat on the throne 7 years (and) 8 months. And the time span he lived through (were) years 84. He died on (day) 14th of the month of Pauni, on (day) 29th of the lunar month, (in the year) from the Martyrs 848, on Sunday. And his offices were (as follows): chief notary of the eparch, [---] of the queen, archimandrite of (the monastery of) Raphael. O Christ God, rest his soul in the bosom of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, whence pain and grief and lamentation have fled away, in the brilliancy of Your saints, in the paradise of joy, recompense me (sic) (with the place) in the Kingdom of Heavens, in the paradise of joy, where all Your saints rejoice, and bring him to eat from the Tree of Life unimpeded, amen, amen, so be it, amen.