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A photo of the entire stela is found on the Internet here and here.


(First half of the 12th century, most probably 1125.)

Omega Alpha Omega. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Through the divine providence of God who is Lord the blessed Abba Georgiou, bishop of Phrim, accomplished (his) life. He sat on the throne 15 years. And the days he lived (were) 82 years. He died on Hathyr 15.

(O God), rest (his soul). And the offices you (sic) held (were): notary of the eparch and archimandrite of (the monastery of) Raphael, and archimandrite (of the monastery of) Pashshe. O Christ God, rest his soul in the bosom of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, whence pain and grief and lamentation have fled away, in the splendour of Your saints, in the paradise of joy, amen.