Henriette Hafsaas-Tsakos

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Henriette Hafsaas-Tsakos studied archaeology and social anthropology at the University of Bergen, Norway. She completed her Master thesis about Bronze Age cattle herders in Lower Nubia in 2003. For the next three years, she worked as a field archaeologist mainly in Norway. Henriette participated for two seasons in the Merowe Dam Archaeological Salvage Project (Sudan). Since becoming a PhD researcher at the University of Bergen in late 2006, she has made several research trips to Sudan. Henriette has published a monograph and several articles on topics from Sudanese, Norwegian, and Palestinian archaeology. One of them, The Kingdom of Kush: An African centre on the periphery of the Bronze Age World System (2009), appeared in Norwegian Archaeological Review, while another Ethical implications of dam building and salvage archaeology. The clash between archaeologists and local people in Dar al-Manasir, Sudan will appear in Journal of Social Archaeology in 2011. Together with Alexandros, she has edited the book Connecting South and North: Sudan Studies from Bergen in Honour of Mahmoud Salih (2009) – now being translated into Arabic.