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Heliodorus (Ἡλιόδωρος)

(originally written c. 4th century)

Born in Emesa in Syria and later became a Christian bishop

The Aethiopica - An Ethiopian Story


A hugely culturally influential Greek novel that inspired works by later writers such as the 12th century writers Theodore Prodromos and Niketas Evgenianos. It became widely influential during the Enlightenment in Europe with its 'rediscovery' in 1534 and translated into French by Jacques Amyot (1547) and English by Thomas Underdowne (1569).

Selected editions with the original Greek and translation

Heliodorus, The Aethiopica (Athens: 1897)

Les Ethiopiques, ed. R. M. Rattenbury and T. W. Lumb (3 volumes. Paris: 1960)