Gervais de Tilbury

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Gervais de Tilbury

(c. 1209-18)

Otia imperialia ad ottonem IV. Imperatorem.


... fluvium Nilum, qui de littore incipientis maris rubri videtur emergere in loco, qui dicitur Mossilonem portus; deinde ad occasum diu profluens, facit insulam nomine Meroen medio sui...

Porro insula Meroe in capite Aethiopiae est, locus, in quo umbra absumitur in aestate. Illic ebenus abundat.

(The river Nile, as it seems, raises from the shores of the Red Sea and begins in a community that is named port Mossilonem; after which it flows over a longer distance in the direction of the West, and in the middle is an island named Meroe...

The Island of Meroe is located at the beginning of Ethiopia ; it is a place where the shadow disappears in summer. Ebony trees grow here in abundance.)

Selected edition

Monumenta Cartographica Africae et Aegypti. Tome III.IV, ed. Y. Kamel (Leiden: 1934).