David of Beth Rabban

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[pp. 49-50]


(about 800 A.D.)

Patriarch of the Syrian Church.

Poem "Treatise on the Seven Climates"

Ed.: Cardahi, Liber Thesauri de arte poetica Syrorum, Rome 1875, pp. 41-43; R. Gottheil, in: Hebraica 8, Chicago 1891/2, pp. 66-73.

T.: MC 510 (Gottheil) S:1

The Kushâyê, [dwell in the Second Climate, together] with other peoples. They, too, are very black, but less repugnant than the Hindûyê. They are concerned with sorcery and the science of roots. They know mysterious [p. 50] secrets and the power of the roots. In this country there are [precious] stones and pearls of all kinds, because this climate is near to the land where emeralds are found. It lies south-west of Aegyptos, the powerful. (MC fol. 510 r).