Arnold of Lübeck

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Arnold of Lübeck

(c. 1209)

Benedictine abbot. Continuation of Helmold’s Chronica Slavorum.

Arnoldi Chronica Slavorum.


Lib. VII

Item in Egypto psitaci abundant, qui veniunt de Nubia. Distat autem Nubia a Babylonia per viginti dietas, et est terra christiana habens regem sed populus eius incultus est et terra silvestris.

(Furthermore, the abundant Egyptian parrot comes out of Nubia. There is much distance between Nubia and Babylon, that of twenty days, and it is the land of the Christians, has a king and the people are rude and the land is wild.)

Selected editions

Monumenta Germaniae Historia, Tomus XXI (Hannover: 1869)