Antonius Martyr

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Antonius Martyr

(c. 570)



XXXV. — The Hospice of St. George; the Men of the Country.

Setting out from the city of Elath, we entered the desert. Twenty miles on the road there is a castle, where is a hospice of St. George, in which travellers find shelter and hermits an allowance. Passing on thence into the inner part of the desert, we came to the place of which mention is made in the psalm, * He hath turned fertile land into salt for the wickedness of them that dwell therein. There we saw a few men with camels, who fled from us; and in Jerusalem also we saw men in the streets who came from the direction of Ethiopia, wearing shoes, having their nostrils and ears slit, and rings upon their fingers and their feet. We asked them, Wherefore (are you habited) thus ?' They answered, ‘Because Trajan, the Roman emperor, left this as a sign to us.'

Selected editions

Of the Holy Places Visited by Antonius Martyr (Circ. 560 — 570 A.D.), trans. A. Stewart (London: 1896).