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Attributed to Ansileub

(c. 750)

Liber glossarum.


Nilus, fluvius Egypti, qui de litore incipientis Maris Rubri videtur emergere in loco qui dicitur mons Sylon emporium, deinde cadit ad occasum profluens, facit insulam nomine Meroen in medio sui. Novissime in septentrionem inflexus tempestrivis auctus incrementis plana Egypti rigat.

(The Nile, the river of Egypt seems to have its source begin at the Red Sea in a community that is called "the market of Mons Sylon". Then it runs its course in the direction of the west, and in the middle is ​​an island called Meroe. Later it turns its course to the north, and when its waters are swollen by a flood that occurs at a fixed date, it floods the plains of Egypt.)

Selected edition

Monumenta Cartographica Africae et Aegypti. Tome III.I, ed. Y. Kamel (Leiden: 1930).