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[pp. 306-307]


(about 1196 A.D.)

The author is believed, on stylistic grounds, to be different from the famous contemporary Kātib (and not "qāḍī" of Saladin) 'Imād al-dīn al-Iṣfahānī, who wrote the "Kharida".

Bustān al-jāmi (The garden of the Mosque, Chronicle covering 1096-1196 A.D.)

Ed.: C. Cahen, Bull.d'Et.Or. VII-VIII, 1937-1938.

T.: Cahen A:0

Year 566 (= 1170 A.D.)<ref>All the other historians placed this incident under the year 568 H (1172).</ref>. The rout (kasrah) of the Blacks (Sūdān) took place [in this year]: many of them were slain, the remainder were driven out of Cairo. Al-Malik an-Nāṣir Salāḥaddīn wrote to the military governors [p. 307] to kill every Black (aswad) they found in all the district.<ref>The author of "Bustān" did not record the campaign of Shams al-Dawla Tūrān Shāh in Nubia (1172 A.D.), nor the Egyptian plot to assassinate Saladin (1174 A.D.)</ref>. They actually killed all those they came across. (Cahen, p. 133).