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(before 861 A.D.)

A writer originally from Turkestan, who worked at the court of the caliphs.

Main work: Jawāmiʿ (Alfraganus).

Ed.: J. Golius, Amsterdam 1669 (with Latin translation).

T.: MC 532 (Golius) A:1

The First Climate begins from the eastern frontiers of the Sīn, then it cuts the Sea of Qulzum, crosses over the country of the Ḥabashah, and traverses the Nile of Egypt. In these lands are found the towns of the Kingdom of the Ḥabashah, which are called Jarmī, (Jarmā), Dunqula and the town of the Nūbah. (Golius, pp. 35-36; MC fol. 532).