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[pp. xii-xiii]


I am indebted to many persons for the help they have given me in carrying out this work. To all I express my cordial gratitude.

Unable to mention them all, I like to show particular appreciation to:

- H.L. Bishop A. Baroni, of Khartoum, who encouraged me all along in various ways;

- the Librarians and Staff of the University of Khartoum;

- "Scuola Orientale" of the University of Rome;

- Institut Dominicain d'Etudes Orientales, Cairo;

- Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris;

- Bibliothèque Orientale (Univ. St. Joseph), Beirut;

- Deutsches Archaologisches Institut, Cairo;

- Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, Cairo;

- Akademii Teologii Katolickiej, Warsaw;

- Société de Géographie d'Égypte.

Passages from "History of the Patriarchs of the Egyptian Church" by Severus have been reproduced by courtesy of the "Société d’Archéologie Copte".

Prof. Dr. E. Dinkier and Dr, W. Wischmeyer assisted me with competent advice throughout the final stages of my work.

To Prof. Abdalla el-Tayeb and Dr. Yusef Fadl Hasan I often turned in order to have linguistic problems solved and they were ever ready to enlighten me.

Mr. Williams, Rev. Fr. Ch. Walter, Rev. Fr. L. Bano, Rev. Sr. Fidelis Sykes, Rev. Sr. Veronica Morris and Rev. Sr. Marguerite Sénesac were helpful in revising all or part of the translation.

[p. xiii] Mrs. A. Maestri has done most of the typing of the first manuscript.

Prof. W. H. C. Frend, D. D. has kindly revised the English rendering of my typescript.

To all my warm thanks!