Rukn ad-Din Baybars ad-Dawadari

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Born as a slave he rose to high offices (Secretary of the Diwān) under Nāṣir b. Qalawūn. Zubdat al-fikra fī ta'rīkh al-hijra (The Cream of Thoughts on the History of Islam) Ed.: (partly) Mus’ad, al-Maktaba.

T.: Mus'ad A:0

The Invasion of Nubia this Time - qhazū an-nūba fī hadnihi an-nawba.

In that year (686 H./1287 A.D.) the Sultan (Qalawūn) sent an army (ba’th) consisting of emirs and regular sol¬diers (ajnād) and Arab nomads (‘urbān) of Egypt and qaraghuliyya of the provinces and those in charge of preparing the routes everywhere, all under the command , of the emir 'Alam ad-dīn Sanjar al-Masrūrī, the governor of Cairo, known under the name of al-Khayyaṭ, and the emir Aydamer as-sayfī, the ustadh dār Aytamus as-sa'dī, governor of the districts depending on Qos. They were sent to invade Nubia. They left and arrived at Dunqula, raided the town and its districts (a'māl), took prisoners, pillaged and took cattle as booty and came back with a great number of slaves (raqīq). (Mus'ad, p. 209).