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Translation quoted from G. Ruffini, The Bishop, The Eparch and The King: Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim IV (P.QI 4) [= JJP Supplements], Warsaw 2014 with permission from the editors of the JJP.

Archimeizoteros Kosma to Architriklinos and Eikshil Ourouwi.

I pay homage to your holy reverence blessed by God (?). May God increase your years. He is powerful as stone (?). Marki forgets (?) having searched with him. Before Marki, I was with you. May Kokoti remember me. Before this, the king was going to give to you, taking all of it. He was your head. I stopped doing it. And in time, God kept the king safe through his patience. God gave to you and your eparch, always causing both of you to be safe. When the tot Olowiti caused him to take the money (?), he came for yours. When Olowiti caused him to stay, he went, putting it in a letter to me. And you, may God increase your years. There was nothing I did to your slave. There was nothing I said to your gatherer (?). What did he do? And you hear (this question) all the time (?). Your slaves stand up, because they listen to the chopping. They listen to the preparation of the kettle. They listen to the cooking of the grain. For you were like a beggar. You will stand up (?) through me. What did I do to your slaves? He was judging against you. It is not an empty letter (that I send, but one with) 2 large wines.