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Translation quoted from G. Ruffini, The Bishop, The Eparch and The King: Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim IV (P.QI 4) [= JJP Supplements], Warsaw 2014 with permission from the editors of the JJP.

Adapted from Joost Hagen’s translation:


+ Twelve Apostles. blepeis su o l[ (?)


+ This secure certified (?) document is written in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The charge (?) of (the) Apostle. Ibrim: Peter of the Enclosure (?); (The) Twenty-Four (Elders); (The Four) Creatures of the Town; Mary; Gabriel; Mary of Amparae. Ibrim West: Epimachos; Jacob. + Masmas: Raphael; (The) Twenty-Four (Elders); John; (The) Cross; (The) Three Youths; (The Four) Creatures; Michael of Tounde (“The Fig Tree”); Absaron; Stephen; Kyriakos; Merkos of the Mountain-Cave (?); Mary of Toude. + Koutikke: Andrew; Michael; Michael At Enor; Saint Menas; John at the enclosure (?) of Jokos. + Aloue: Jesus; Mary; Stephen; Theodore; Shenoute; Saint Menas; Abba Kyrios; Philotheos; George; Gabriel; Mark. [+ (?) Qurta] East: [Untranslated passage.] [+] Dendur (?) East: Allou; [Untranslated passage.] [+ (?)] Pori: The Eparch’s field; The field of Toteri.o... [+] Toshka: Jesus; Litharkuel; Merkos of Pash; Mary of Tirmane; Michael; (The Four) Creatures... [+] Arminna: (The) Holy Trinity; Michael of D[.]sha; Philotheos; Mary; Jesus; Merkos. [+ (?)] Pourgoundi: Peter; John; Mary.