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Translation quoted from G. Ruffini, The Bishop, The Eparch and The King: Old Nubian Texts from Qasr Ibrim IV (P.QI 4) [= JJP Supplements], Warsaw 2014 with permission from the editors of the JJP.


First: from the holdings (?) of (the Church of ) Peter. Pipsimme’s: 2 units of wine; Okk[-’s, son/daughter (?)] of Einyitta, 12 dirhem; NN’s, 12 dirhem; Emra’s... Tuego’s (?), one gold piece; NN dirhem; Anasi’s, 2 units of wine; Milinkouda, 1 gold piece; Nyita’s, one gold piece, 12 dirhem, 10 units of wine; [a line and a half fragmentary and untranslated]; Mame’s, 3 dirhem... of NN, the tot of Ngal...; of the tot of Ngal, 22 dirhem; Gemi’s, 12 dirhem; --ôeiti’s, 4 gold pieces; Aj--- the eparch’s’s, 11 dirhem; Koud[-, son/daughter (?)] of Arapa, 1 gold piece; Staurosil (?), 2 dirhem; Alieuatti Ngal’s... Sagasan’s, 1 gold piece; Em--’s, 1 [lost unit]; Adminnea, 1 artaba... ; Chalipha the arapi, 1 artaba; NN, 2 artabas; Loukkou[--, NN.


They bought from the holdings: Isiogoja --da’s, 1 gold piece and a half; --e’s, 24 dirhem; Olêê’s, 2 gold pieces, 4 dirhem (?); Ainema’s, 2 units of wine; Koudinpes… the daughter of Petri’s, 12 dirhem [and a lost unit]; Done’s, 4 gold pieces; Otti-- [NN’s?], 1 unit of wine; Parogoja’s, NN units of wine; of the (church of the?) Cross, 16 dirhem; Enoe-- --kouda’s, 12 dirhem; [a largely illegible entry], 12 dirhem; -- the arapi’s, 1 gold piece and 12 dirhem; NN’s, 12 dirhem; Jeria’s, 24 dirhem; NN’s, 6 dirhem; ... the chief Milinkouda’s (?), NN; NN’s, 6 dirhem; Isousinkouda’s, NN; Kokka’s, 12 dirhem; (the land of?) Kojri’s, NN; Senissi’s (?), 6 dirhem; Êrasi... NN’s, 8 dirhem; (the land of?) Soundin-Ngal’s, NN [lost unit]; Denaei’s, 12 dirhem; NN’s, 1 gold piece, 12 dirhem; Pauouta’s, NN [lost unit]; Dolli’s, 2 units of wine; Mijjinkouda [son/daughter of (?)] --awi’s, 1 gold piece. Hôwiti’s, [lost amount].