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I, Isake, representative of Maia, write in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: to Mariame, I -- the nation have taken [witnesses?] -- sold that which is the possession of hers and mine, and to Oeila, her husband sold that which is from the children, and I did not put anything of mine in the children's sale. The witnesses of this are, firstly: Papo Marian, Bishop of Kourte; Mase, Meizoterus (?); Tapara, chief; Darme, timmakkis; Joassi, priest; Ajola, deacon; Chael, son of Milanya; Petri, who is Papi's representative, son of Godjo; Papon; Souksapa; Ngonne(n), daughter of Chael.

I, Tillinminne(l), wrote and witnessed. Whoever of Mariami's scribes will disparage me by saying that I am not the writer (?) of my document, may he become estranged from God, and may what is in the 7th seal (?) of the Apocalypse come forth against him.