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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, George Moses the King, Papelli, being King of Dotawo, Mari being Queen Mother, Douddil being Architriclinus, Th6ma being Bishop of Ibrim, Adam being Eparch of Nobadia and also Domesticus of Faras, Aggestotil being Ness of the Domesticus, Darme, son of Michaelin-As, being Meizoterus(?), And the word of God being secure in the whole [nation (?)] .

I, Kapopi of Ibrim, releasing this slave, Apa, keep him as a Nubian. He is amongst those who wish (to be free). And he does not have his son (with him). And if he frees his son, with God's help I will cause him to accompany him. And whoever will cause me to enslave him, may he become estranged from God, and may the seventh seal (?) come forth against him, and let him die through the King's curse. And the witnesses of this are:

The son of the Bishop of Ibrim, Songoja, The Timakkis, Darme, Darme, Oukka, Ornourta, Papon, Chief, Parini, Anil-Sonoja, Priest, Tapara, Priest, Dautiana, Iesousinkouda, Deacon, Orin-Papasa, Ajola, Deacon, Petri, Massouda, Ness of Koudketi, The servant of Papasi, Meskel, Eionfloka, daughter of Papasi, Pikta, Darme, son of Marieio, Titta, daughter of Mallen-Ngal, I, Darme, Great Priest, wrote and witnessed this document.