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It is written in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it being the 29th of the month of Mesori, it being the first of the moon, it being year 871 (of the era) from the Martyrs.

I, Moses George, called King, and nephew of King David, who also hold the Kingship of Dotawo as well as the office of Eparch of Palagi, My mother Mari being Queen Mother and also Gouad, Papo Mena being Bishop of Ibrim, Iosephi being Tricliniaris of the Domesticus Elect(?), Orinkouda being Tricliniaris of fto, Darme being Eparch of Nobadia and Domesticus of Faras, Ngilese being Potentiary(?) of Sikko(l)ti, Massouda Damastil being Tricliniaris of Douksi, Papasa being Oeconomus(?), Papon, Iroti, being Potentiary (?) of Wal-flokko (1) , Dakkoul being Meizoterus(?) of Adauou, Menankouda being Silentiary(?) of Nobadia, Sirephe being Ness of Nobadia, Serkol being Ness of the Domesticus, Under their care standing all the authorities:

Until he comes upon authorization (?) from God, who is the Savior, no one is to speak in opposition and utter a denial against me, as all are under my care, and they come and proclaim the ho*ly name of God. Whereas the Tot of Michaelko(l) and(?) Motiko(l) in Ibrim approached me through my chiefs and besought me in the matter of the Epimachus-Church of Ibrim West, asking me to free from servitude the Epimachus-Church, which—when it gives to the Bishop wine which is more than(?) one unit of wine each Thaboti and the Bishop rejects it--sends each year 7 cubits (?) of wormwood; and whereas I, when concern for the Epimachus-Church entered my heart, when it was the 3rd month since I had become King, regarding the wine which, in the matter of the Epimachus-Church, the Bishop was wont to receive through the office of the Silentiary(?) of Nobadia—I caused that, on the evening of the 9th of Thaboti, there be taken to the Epimachus-Church from Dotawo(?) 1 (cubit[?] of) wormwood for the Silentiary(?) through the Eparch of Nobadia, if he [the Silentiary] did not deposit it together with the 2 parnatt of wheat from the Apostle-Church of Ibrim, in order that Epimachus might arise, come and place the four corners (?) of the nation for care under my feet: because of the power of (his[?]) authority there shall come against the Epimachus-Church neither Eparch nor Domesticus of Faras nor Silentiary(?) nor Ngeshsh nor anyone whom the Bishop sent. Truly if one speaks against and denies my statement, let Epimachus stab him with his spear, (2) let him die through the King's curse, (3) let him have a heart attack, (4) let him receive a share with Judas Iscariot, the Wounder(?) of Mankind and the Betrayer, (5) let him not find anyone who knows him amongst the assembled people, and (6) let Epimachus on the day of judgment come great in battle against him.

And to this certified document, through the cross (?) of kingship ..., in 3 places I affixed the cross (?):

I, Papasa, Chartularius, Oeconomus (?) , Goukarko(l), Archimandrite of the Archangel Michael, and Archimandrite ... through (?) the Blessed King. With God.' I, Ounta, Great Scribe of George Moses the King and Goukarko(l), wrote and witnessed this certified document.