Ibn Ridwan

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[pp. 240-241]


(about 1050 A.D).

Abū-l-Ḥasan Alī Ibn Riḍwān. An Egyptian physician who wrote a treatise on Medicine. Daf’ madārr al-abdān bi-ard Miṣr

MS.: Cairo, Dār al-Kutūb, MS 18, quoted by Maqrīzī (Wiet I, 1, p. 186).

T. : MC 726 r A:1

[p. 241] Burning heat and drought are predominant characteristics of the climate of this place [i.e. Aswān], because the sun heat absorbs all the humidity. For this reason also the local population has a black complexion and kinky hair because of the burning heat of their land. (MC 726 r.).